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Setting Up Your Rabbit’s New Home

Rabbits are friendly, but they like a little privacy, too


Home sweet hutch

Rabbits make fantastic indoor pets, but they shouldn’t always roam around your house. Bunnies need their own space, in the form of a rabbit cage. This “rabbitat” should be tall enough to allow its occupants to stand comfortably on their hind legs, with enough floor space that they can stretch out to their full length.

“Rabbitat” decor

To make rabbits comfortable, especially if the hutch has a wire floor, place a handful or two of hay at one end of the hutch for nibbling and napping.

On the other side of the hutch, add a litter box with half an inch of litter material at the bottom so rabbits have a place to do their bunny business.

Include some chew toys and a dish of clean water. Keep the rabbit enclosure near family activities but out of drafty spots.

Be sure to wash your hands before and after cuddling your rabbits or cleaning their habitat.

Safety first

Once rabbits are used to using the litter box, it’s fine to let them hop around outside of their habitat. But since rabbits love to chew, be sure there’s nothing around they shouldn’t gnaw on, like electrical cords or houseplants. For obvious reasons, keep rabbits away from larger or more rambunctious pets, especially those with sharp teeth.

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