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What Should I Feed My Senior Cat?

A senior diet can help your cat’s skin, joints and teeth stay strong


What should I look for in a senior cat food?

High-quality ingredients are more digestible, giving cats more of the nutrients they need. Senior cats need more taurine, a heart-healthy ingredient found in cat food proteins such as fish, poultry and beef. Feed senior cats a dry food that’s 10% fat to 28% protein, or a wet food that’s 4% fat, and 8% protein.

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All animals slow down, as they grow older, thus needing fewer calories and less fat in their meals. If your senior cat is putting on weight, weight maintenance formulas add up to a more balanced meal.

If your senior cat is underweight, it might be a food issue—but talk to your veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions first. Then, try a higher-calorie cat food.

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Senior food for dental health

Senior cats are prone to dental disease, which hurts and can lead to illness. Try a specially formulated oral-care food that can help reduce plaque and prevent gum disease.

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How much should I feed my senior cat?

The simple answer is, as much as they need. Make sure meal times and portions are consistent, so you can tell if your kitty needs a change.