How to Switch Your Cat’s Food

A gradual change can help prevent an upset tummy…or worse.

Cat food transition plan art

Take baby steps when changing your cat’s diet

The most important thing to consider with a cat food switch is to do it gradually to avoid stomach issues like diarrhea and vomiting.

  • finicky eating
  • a change in your favourite food’s formula
  • food sensitivities
  • life stage transitions

Step-by-step cat food transition tips

Transition your cat to a new food using the following 7-day schedule. Substitute some of the new food for the old in their usual meal. Add more new food the next day, and so on, for seven days.

7-day schedule breakdown

Day 1

  • 75% old food
  • 25% new food

Day 2

  • 70% old food
  • 30% new food

Day 3

  • 60% old food
  • 40% new food

Day 4

  • 50% old food
  • 50% new food

Day 5

  • 40% old food
  • 60% new food

Day 6

  • 25% old food
  • 75% new food

Day 7

  • 100% new food

If your cat shows any new symptoms during this transition, please check with your veterinarian.