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ZODIAC® BreakAway Flea & Tick Treatment Cat Collar

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$ 8.49 $ 9.99
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Zodiac Flea & Tick Cat Collars offer excellent protection against adult fleas and ticks and provide long term continuing protection. Zodiac recommends using a Zodiac Flea & Tick Collar if your pet is frequently bathed. Collars continually release a new supply of ingredients for several months, replenishing the coat even if your pet gets wet or is bathed.

Features: Slow release generator
Includes: 1 Collar
Intended For: Cats and Kittens
Health Considerations: Kills fleas and ticks
Total Weight: 21.6 g
Guaranteed Analysis: Tetrachlorvinphos 14.55%

ZODIAC® BreakAway Flea & Tick Treatment Cat Collar
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