This Winter at PetSmart, we want to help you and your pets celebrate the holiday season. Whether you’re planning to deck the halls, chop down the Christmas tree, headed out for a day on the slopes, lighting the menorah candles, we want to make sure your pets are ready for the celebration. 

We have many different Winter seasonal items available both online and in-store. Whether you’re looking for apparel for your pets or holiday-inspired treats, toys, and comfort items, we’ve got you covered. If you and your pup are headed out for a walk while the snow is falling, maybe their collar, lead, or harness is in need of an update to match the holiday theme. 

Make sure your pets stay warm and cozy throughout the Winter season with a new bed or holiday-inspired coats, jackets, and blankets. Many pets that lack a thick coat may get chilly this Winter. PetSmart’s variety of cozy hoodies, jackets, vests, and parkas will keep them warm and on theme for the season. Even in the house, your pets can sometimes still get a little cold—no need to worry about that anymore. We offer many different designs for animal blankets and beds that they can struggle up in as the snow falls and the air gets colder. 

At PetSmart, we aim to help our customers celebrate the holiday season while including the pets that mean the most. Our knowledgeable PetSmart staff is also available to answer any questions you may have in-store, on the phone, or online.