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National Geographic™ Small Animal Glass Water Bottle

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Placing this National Geographic Chew Proof Glass Bottle in your pet's cage is a smart bet for those wanting a durable, long-lasting water bottle. This bottle is made of chew-proof glass and features a Double Ball Point Stainless Steel Tube for better performance and durability. Only for PetSmart.

Features: Chew Proof

  • Chew proof glass
  • Bite-Proof Metal Cap
  • Rubber Stopper
  • Stainless Tube
    Intended For: Guinea Pigs, Rats, Chinchillas, Birds, and other small animals
    Material: Double ball-point stainless steel tube
    Color: Clear
    Size: 12 oz (354 mL) Capacity


    1. Fill bottle completely full of water.
    2. Drop in water level indicator
    3. Place tube and stopper into neck
    4. Slide metal cap down tube and tightly thread cap into bottle
    5. Attach support wire and attachment spring to cage. Position bottle so tip of tube is shoulder height
    6. Place tube into support wire, slide tube through wire and stretch spring around bottle

    Mounting and Testing:
    Bottle can be mounted inside or outside of cage. Attachment spring with clips makes it easy to relocate bottle. Place the flat side of the bottle up against the cage wire. Rest tube on cross wire if possible. Test for water flow by tapping the ball bearing with your finger. Air bubbles will rise into the bottle and drops of water will be released onto your finger. Check turtle water level indicator daily to confirm pet is drinking.

    Caution: Be sure your pet is trained to use the water bottle before leaving alone. Check water daily.

  • National Geographic™ Small Animal Glass Water Bottle
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    National Geographic™ Small Animal Glass Water Bottle
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