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Grreat Choice® Small Animal Water Bottle

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Hydration is key to the health of your small animal, such as a rabbit, ferret or guinea pig. The Grreat Choice Water Bottle will quench the thirst of your little pet and features a stainless steel tube with double ball design. Here's to your hydrated and happy pet! Only at PetSmart.

Features: Water bottle fits most wire cages.
Includes: 1 (64 fl oz) Water Bottle
Intended For: Small Animals
Capacity: 64 fl oz
Color: White
Dimensions: 10"L x 5"W x 3.5"H
Caution: Contains small parts. Keep out of reach of children.

Installation: When filled and inverted, press in the control ball and let the water trickle out of the tube until a vacuum develops inside the bottle. A temperature increase will expand the air inside the bottle and may cause occasional slow dripping. This is normal. An exposed ring of water surrounding the control ball will attract your pet and reduce theneed for training. If the "self-training" is not effective, loosen the cap until the tube starts to drip and attracts your pet. Tighten the cap once your pet is trained. Always test your bottle before leaving your pet alone. Always provide your pet with plenty of clean, fresh water.

Maintenance: Empty, clean and rinse the water bottle regularly. Check and refill your pet's water supply daily.

Grreat Choice® Small Animal Water Bottle
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