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All Living Things® Ground Reptile Bedding

$ 34.99
$ 34.99
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Create a natural environment for desert reptiles with the All Living Things Ground Walnut Shell Bedding. The bedding is ideal for bearded dragons, snakes, monitors and uromastyx. Invite your new reptile home to a comfortable habitat. Only at PetSmart.

Features: Helps to maintain moisture and terrarium humidity levels
Environment Type: Reptile
Species: Bearded dragons, snakes, monitors and uromastyx
Color: Tan
Package Weight: Net Wt. 25 dry Qt. (27.5 L)
Caution: To avoid risk of impaction if ingested, do not use with lizards less than 6” long. Seek immediate veterinary care if your pet consumes large quantities of the substrate or if there is a change in food or water consumption. Observation and proper management will minimize potential problems.

Directions for Use:
Evenly spread 1 to 2 inches of bedding on the floor or the terrarium. Scoop soiled bedding and waste daily. Completely replacethe substrate monthly or as needed. If waste material is allowed to collect on the surface, your pet can develop skin and intestinal infections. A clean environment will help your protect the health of your pet. Always wash your hands after handling a pet or cleaning a habitat.

Refer to pet care guide to determine the proper substrate for your pet. Feeding your pet from a plate or bowl within enclosure will reduce accidental substrate ingestion. If needed, the humidity and temperature can be adjusted by changing or combining substrate materials. Consult a pet care guide for your pet’s humidity and temperature requirements.

All Living Things® Ground Reptile Bedding
34.99 New Available
All Living Things® Ground Reptile Bedding
19.99 New Available