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Grreat Choice® Pet Habitat Thermometer

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Many reptiles require a basking area that is much hotter than these common daytime temperatures. Monitor and maintain your pet's habitat temperature with the Grreat Choice Thermometer. A PetSmart exclusive.
Easy to apply directions
Includes: 1 Thermometer
Intended For: Bearded Dragons, Anoles, Tree Frogs, Leopard Geckos, Snakes and Chinese Water Dragons
Color: Black
Caution: This is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children.

Clean a small area on the inside of the habitat wall where you would like to measure the humidity level. Be sure to choose a location that is easily visible. Peel the protective backing off of the adhesive pad and press the hygrometer firmly onto the clean, dry habitat wall.

Target Temperature Ranges:
Bearded Dragon: Day: 75-80°F, Night: 65-75°F
Anoles: Day: 75-85°F, Night: 60-75°F
Tree Frog: Day: 75-85°F, Night: 65-75°F
Leopard Gecko: Day: 75-85°F, Night: 65-75°F
Snakes: Day: 70-75°F, Night: 65-70°F
Chinese Water Dragon: Day: 75-85°F, Night: 65-75°F

Grreat Choice® Pet Habitat Thermometer
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