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All Living Things® Reptile Desert Fluorescent UVB Bulb

$ 34.99
$ 34.99
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UVB light is essential for proper calcium absorption and bone health. The All Living Things Desert Fluorescent UVB Bulb provides the light your reptile needs. The bulb emits 50 microwatts of UVB light. A PetSmart exclusive. Features: Provides light for desert reptiles such as; Bearded Dragons, Uromastyxs, Frilled Dragons and Russian/Greek Tortoises
Includes: 1 – 18" – 15 Watt, 50 UVB Light Bulb
Caution: Never place a light of light fixture inside the habitat as a hot bulb can harm your pet. This product contains mercury. Dispose properly.

This bulb becomes extremely hot while in use. To remove, turn light off and allow the bulb to cool before removing. Avoid contact with flammable material. This is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children.

All Living Things® Reptile Desert Fluorescent UVB Bulb
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