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FURminator® Shed Control Cat Cloth

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FURminator's Shed Control Cloths are 3 dimensional with a proprietary loop technology to catch and keep loose surface hair. Three times thicker than traditional wipes and reusable for up to three uses before disposing.

Collects and reduces surface coat shedding
Used For: Cats
Health Consideration: Shed Control
Average Number of Uses: 12 Count (each cloth can be used up to 3x)

Daily: Brush – detangles and smoothes fur, distributes oils across skin and coat. Cloths – Collect and reduces shedding from surface of pet.
Weekly: deShed – reduces shedding up to 90%. Use weekly for 10-20 minutes sessions.
Monthly: Bathe - promotes healthy skin and coat, while reducing shedding . Trim – eliminates sore paws, legs and hips and promotes overall health.
FURminator® Shed Control Cat Cloth
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