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Prevue Pet Products Stylish Bird Cage

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$ 36.99
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This small bird cage is ideal for housing Parakeets, Canaries and a variety of other small birds. The removable bottom grille and pull-out drawer allow for easy cleanup.

Keep your small bird safe and cozy with the Prevue Pet Products Stylish Small Bird Cage. Featuring a white mesh body, colorful wire mesh rooftop and matching plastic base, this cage adds an attractive splash of color to your living space while housing your feathered friend comfortably. Three access doors make it easy to reach in to hold your feathered friend and access the water and feeder cups. The 2 wooden perches can be adjusted up or down to accommodate your bird's preferences and size.

  • Designed for Parakeets, Canaries and other small birds
  • Wire mesh body and plastic base are durable and easy to clean
  • 3 access doors offer flexibility when inserting or removing your pet and for filling and cleaning the feed and water cups
  • 7/16" wire spacing allows for plenty of airflow while keepingyour pet secure
  • Allows for adjustable perch heights to customize your bird's environment
  • Comes with 2 plastic cups and 2 wooden perches
  • Removable bottom grille and pull-out drawer offer easy cleanup
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • Available in assorted colors and styles, please allow us to choose for you.
Prevue Pet Products Stylish Bird Cage
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