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Exo Terra® Advanced Reptile Terrarium

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$ 71.99 $ 89.99
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The Exo Terra Natural Terrarium Advanced Reptile Habitat is the ideal reptile or amphibian housing designed by European herpetologists. The front opening doors allow easy access for maintenance and feeding. A specially designed lock will prevent escape and the doors can be opened separately. Among its other features, this terrarium also includes full screen top ventilation for UVB and infrared penetration, and is completely removable for easy access while decorating or cleaning.


  • Front window ventilation
  • Dual doors for an escape-free access
  • Waterproof bottom
  • Raised bottom frame
  • Stainless steel mesh cover
  • Locks to prevent escapeEasy-twist screen cover lock
  • Closable inlets for wires and/or tubing
  • Cut out in the back for wires and/or tubing
    Includes: Rock Background: The Rock Terrarium Background from Exo Terra is an easy to cut background with an incredible natural look. It creates a multi-dimensional habitat ideal for climbing reptiles or can be simply used to beautify the natural terrarium.
    Intended Pet(s): Juvenile crested geckos, juvenile gargoyle geckos, day geckos, green tree frogs, green anoles
    Material(s): Glass
    Color: Natural
    Product Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 45 cm (12 in x 12 in x 18 in)
    Rinse the terrarium with warm water before use. Cover the base with a substrate suited to your species of reptile or amphibian. Add ornaments and decor.

    Caution: Never use soap or detergent to clean your terrarium as this can be toxic to reptiles and amphibians.

  • Exo Terra® Advanced Reptile Terrarium
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