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Clown Loach

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  • Diet: Flake, Frozen, Freeze-dried
  • Maximum size: 12"
  • Water temperature: 74-82° F
  • Swimming level: Bottom
  • Experience level: Beginner
  • Tank Setup: 40+ gallons, lightly planted
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Loaches are extremely peaceful and live best in a community aquarium with fish of the same disposition. They are communal fish that do best when they are kept in small groups containing 3-6 loaches. Be sure to provide them numerous shelters for greater security. This generally makes them bolder. Like most bottom-dwellers the substrate should consist of a fine-grained or round-edged gravel.

Loaches either lack or have very tiny scales, which means they have almost no protection from toxic materials dissolved in the aquarium. Avoid adding medications to the aquarium unless they are specifically recommended for "scaleless" fish.

Learn about the Clown Loach

Common Name
Clown Loach

Other Common Names
Tiger Loach

Scientific Name
Botia macracanthus


Feeding Habits
Live brine shrimp, snails, glass worms, tubifex worms and blood worms. Frozen blood worms, brine shrimp, beef heart, glass worms and vegetable diet.

A active schooling fish that mixes well with other active types of fish. Docile and slow moving community fish are not recommended as tankmates, as they tend to become very stressed by the loaches' constant activity.

Borneo: Moderately decorate with live plants, rocks and driftwood.

Males have longer forks on their tail fin, and they are heavier than the females.

Additional Comments
The Clown Loach is prized as a food fish in its native land. These loaches will alarm their owners by laying on their sides and backs while resting, this is normal Clown Loach behavior. In the evening audible clicking sounds may be made by the loaches. The loaches love for snails makes them very effective in controlling the snail population in any aquarium.


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Clown Loach
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<!--begin-bvseo-reviews--> <!--begin-reviews--> <div id="bvseo-reviewsSection"> <div class="bvseo-review" itemprop="review" itemscope itemtype="" data-reviewid="135182110"> <meta itemprop="itemReviewed" content="Clown Loach" /> <span itemprop="reviewRating" itemscope itemtype=""> Rated <span itemprop="ratingValue">1</span> out of <span itemprop="bestRating">5</span> </span> by <span itemprop="author">Max77</span> from <span itemprop="name">No way Jose</span> <span itemprop="description">You better have all relaxed fish with them. A casual setting. Not for beginners as they are frail and will be fish bait with any semi aggressive fish.</span> <div class="bvseo-pubdate">Date published: 2016-11-19</div> <meta itemprop="datePublished" content="2016-11-19" /> </div> <div class="bvseo-review" itemprop="review" itemscope itemtype="" data-reviewid="53825459"> <meta itemprop="itemReviewed" content="Clown Loach" /> <span itemprop="reviewRating" itemscope itemtype=""> Rated <span itemprop="ratingValue">5</span> out of <span itemprop="bestRating">5</span> </span> by <span itemprop="author">McFeeto</span> from <span itemprop="name">Huge Personality</span> <span itemprop="description">NOT for beginner fish keepers. They require a tank that has been cycled for at least 3 months. They are sensitive to water conditions and since they are scaleless fish, they are more likely to die from disease introduced to your tank. Clown loaches love to play! They'll swim in circles against the glass and imitate other fish in the tank (so make sure you keep them with active fish). I have 3, and they all chose to imitate my pleco, which was very scary at first, by laying on their sides next to the driftwood and against plants! These fish grow slowly from babies to subadults, but they will get BIG. I suggest 100gal or more because they are also schooling fish, so you'll need to have 3 or more to keep them happy and healthy.</span> <div class="bvseo-pubdate">Date published: 2014-02-07</div> <meta itemprop="datePublished" content="2014-02-07" /> </div> <div class="bvseo-review" itemprop="review" itemscope itemtype="" data-reviewid="29627450"> <meta itemprop="itemReviewed" content="Clown Loach" /> <span itemprop="reviewRating" itemscope itemtype=""> Rated <span itemprop="ratingValue">5</span> out of <span itemprop="bestRating">5</span> </span> by <span itemprop="author">Crumbbum</span> from <span itemprop="name">Great fish but NOT for beginners...</span> <span itemprop="description">Clown loaches are terrific fish to have but many do not realize the maintenance required to have happy healthy clown loaches. Firstly, they eat A LOT... a whole variety of food. I feed mine an alternation of fresh vegetables such as zucinnis and butter squash. I also feed frozen blood worms, glass worms, daphnias, brine shrimp and beef heart. On other nights I switch off and feed cod. My loaches are fat and healthy -- not the sickly skinny specimens that most chain pet stores sell them as. Secondly, because they come from a river environment, they need LOTS of water movement in the aquarium. Powerheads are great, my loaches love to swim against the current. Third, clown loaches LOVE company, they are so active with more of their own kind... I have six at the moment but plan to get a bit more once I upgrade my tank. Fourth, since they are a schooling fish, it is obvious that they need a large tank -- better long than tall. When they are young, a 55+ gallon tank is good enough for some time; they grow extremely slow. Clown loaches, when kept in optimal conditions are said to be able to live past ten years at least. With their slow growth, they can grow to an eventual 12 inches -- but this is after many years. With clown loaches, I would not follow the 1 inch per gallon rule due to the fact that they love space and swim very fast -- so the more space, the merrier. Also keep in mind that they come from a fairly dark environment, being bottom dwellers of rivers; they may prefer a darker light setting in a tank. On a last note, clown loaches are very susceptible to ich -- I have had an outbreak with every batch I've gotten and had to quarantine every single incident. I suggest the same for anyone else. Rather than using medications, I used the good 'ol aquarium salt and raised temperature method. Within two weeks, it all cleared. I then deworm all my clown loaches because they are also susceptible to internal parasites. Like I said, clown loaches are NOT beginners fish. It takes time, patience, and money to keep long lasting happy clown loaches. But it's worth it because they are the silliest fish with the most personality I have ever come across.</span> <div class="bvseo-pubdate">Date published: 2012-03-14</div> <meta itemprop="datePublished" content="2012-03-14" /> </div> <div class="bvseo-review" itemprop="review" itemscope itemtype="" data-reviewid="38362353"> <meta itemprop="itemReviewed" content="Clown Loach" /> <span itemprop="reviewRating" itemscope itemtype=""> Rated <span itemprop="ratingValue">5</span> out of <span itemprop="bestRating">5</span> </span> by <span itemprop="author">Bruyen</span> from <span itemprop="name">Amazing Fish</span> <span itemprop="description">I got two clown loaches for my 56 gallon aquarium and they are amazing. They never hide and just swim around all day long. When I got them, I thought they would hide for the first while, but right off the bat they started swimming around and just never stop. They get along with all the other fish and I adore them. The second feeding they even started to make the clicking noise. They eat anything, sinking pellets, freeze dried blood worms, and just the regular flake food. But I do think they prefer the blood worms most though. I would recommend this fish to anybody with atleast a 55 gallon tank as they are very active. also, they do like being in groups so get atleast two. and they like to have active tankmates because they swim and kinda play with them.</span> <div class="bvseo-pubdate">Date published: 2013-01-06</div> <meta itemprop="datePublished" content="2013-01-06" /> </div> <div class="bvseo-review" itemprop="review" itemscope itemtype="" data-reviewid="42315605"> <meta itemprop="itemReviewed" content="Clown Loach" /> <span itemprop="reviewRating" itemscope itemtype=""> Rated <span itemprop="ratingValue">5</span> out of <span itemprop="bestRating">5</span> </span> by <span itemprop="author">Maggalorious</span> from <span itemprop="name">One amazing fish...</span> <span itemprop="description">I bought two Clown Loaches in either 1997 or 1998 and, unfortunately, the smaller of the two died within the first few months, but the other one is still very much alive and doing fairly well in my 40 gallon tank. So, they can live a long time so be prepared! At the time I bought the pair, I had a Farlowella (Twig Cat Fish) which was also a bottom feeder. I did notice from the beginning that the one Clown Loach seemed to bully the smaller one, so whether this was a contributing factor in its demise is puzzling, esp since they are supposed to get along well in bigger groups. Both the surviving Clown Loach and the Farlowella accepted each other and got along well over the years. Farlowellas are very passive and wonderful fish to have in the tank, but if my Clown Loach wanted to forage for food and the Farlowella was in the way, he wouldn't hesitate to give him a nudge sending him up the side of the tank or on to a plant leaf. Sadly, my Farlowella just passed away about a month ago, but he lived to a ripe old age (almost 18 yrs!). I fear now that my Clown Loach is lonely as he spends a great deal of time in his cave, only venturing out to eat. I feed my fish a variety of food and currently, the only fish in the tank with my Clown Loach are five Harlequin Rasaboras, very small school fish. However, based on what I have read here I think I will obtain another one or two Clown Loaches to see if this will help mine become more socially active and to give him some (obviously) much-needed company. Hopefully he won't revert back to his old bullying ways! Nevertheless, I do love these entertaining and beautiful fish.</span> <div class="bvseo-pubdate">Date published: 2013-05-15</div> <meta itemprop="datePublished" content="2013-05-15" /> </div> <div class="bvseo-review" itemprop="review" itemscope itemtype="" data-reviewid="81022332"> <meta itemprop="itemReviewed" content="Clown Loach" /> <span itemprop="reviewRating" itemscope itemtype=""> Rated <span itemprop="ratingValue">5</span> out of <span itemprop="bestRating">5</span> </span> by <span itemprop="author">Kazuma52</span> from <span itemprop="name">Playful bottom feeding fish</span> <span itemprop="description">So I originally got this guy because it was one of the few fish that could make it with a full grown Frontosa. After losing the frontosa during the night (quite possible that it was a suicide though unconfirmed) unfortunately, I ended up getting two more clown loaches. These guys are playful and watch play with eachother and I would recommend getting at least 3 in your tank. They will group together sometimes and play around and they are the only fish I can think of to ever make a noise which is kindof entertaining. a word of caution though, the ones petsmart sells are small as they aren't fully grown and these guys do grow up to be very large, so while a 30 gallon tank is a good starting tank for them, be prepared to move them to a larger tank as they get larger. Otherwise they should last you a long time and really brighten up your tank and the best part about them is that they are very compatible with a lot of fish</span> <div class="bvseo-pubdate">Date published: 2015-06-20</div> <meta itemprop="datePublished" content="2015-06-20" /> </div> <div class="bvseo-review" itemprop="review" itemscope itemtype="" data-reviewid="43239800"> <meta itemprop="itemReviewed" content="Clown Loach" /> <span itemprop="reviewRating" itemscope itemtype=""> Rated <span itemprop="ratingValue">4</span> out of <span itemprop="bestRating">5</span> </span> by <span itemprop="author">Goopyman</span> from <span itemprop="name">Cool Fish but very sensitive</span> <span itemprop="description">These fish are very cool and they are entertaining. they will make a &quot;clicking&quot; sound when fed. Make sure you have plenty of room for them in your tank because they will get sick if you over crowd them. They are know to get white spots or &quot;ich&quot; so be carefull and keep an eye on them. Also check your Ph &amp; Nitrate levels in your water and change it twice a month or so. They do sleep on their sides giving the appearence of being dead so don't be alarmed. Overall a nice addition to any tank.</span> <div class="bvseo-pubdate">Date published: 2013-06-18</div> <meta itemprop="datePublished" content="2013-06-18" /> </div> <div class="bvseo-review" itemprop="review" itemscope itemtype="" data-reviewid="22466239"> <meta itemprop="itemReviewed" content="Clown Loach" /> <span itemprop="reviewRating" itemscope itemtype=""> Rated <span itemprop="ratingValue">4</span> out of <span itemprop="bestRating">5</span> </span> by <span itemprop="author">jonathanhd</span> from <span itemprop="name">Fun to watch, but clowns are very sensitive!</span> <span itemprop="description">I LOVE CLOWN LOACHES!! They are very intresting, by how they dart to one side of the tank, but they can be shy so they need alot of hiding places. They need a &quot;pack&quot; of at least five clowns, they also need a long, large tank. These fish are also very sensitive to water change, and get ick fast if the water quality is poor. Be careful with medications for ick as clowns are scaleless.</span> <div class="bvseo-pubdate">Date published: 2011-07-14</div> <meta itemprop="datePublished" content="2011-07-14" /> </div> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> if (document.getElementById('bvseo-reviewsSection')) { document.getElementById('bvseo-reviewsSection').style.display = 'none'; } </script> <!--end-reviews--> <!--begin-pagination--> <ul id="bvseo-paginationSection"> <li class="bvseo-paginationItem"><a class="bvseo-paginationLink" href="">Clown Loach Reviews - page 2</a></li> </ul> <!--end-pagination--> <ul id="BVSEO_meta" style="display:none!important"> <li data-bvseo="bvDateModified">y_2019, m_11, d_12, h_19</li> <li data-bvseo="ps">bvseo_bulk, prod_bvrr, vn_bulk_3.0.1</li> <li data-bvseo="cp">cp_1, bvpage1</li> <li data-bvseo="co">co_hasreviews, tv_0, tr_31</li> <li data-bvseo="cf">loc_en_CA, sid_15245, prod, sort_[SortEntry(order=HELPFULNESS, direction=DESCENDING), SortEntry(order=POSITIVE_FEEDBACK, direction=DESCENDING), SortEntry(order=SUBMISSION_TIME, direction=DESCENDING)]</li> <li data-bvseo="diagnostics">clientName_petsmart-canada</li> </ul> <!--end-bvseo-reviews--> <ul id="BVSEOSDK_meta" style="display: none !important;"> <li data-bvseo="sdk">bvseo_sdk, dw_cartridge, 18.2.0, p_sdk_3.2.0</li> <li data-bvseo="sp_mt">CLOUD, getReviews, 88ms</li> <li data-bvseo="ct_st">reviews, product</li> </ul>
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