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Australian Rainbowfish

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Come to PetSmart for an Australian Rainbowfish that will make an incredible addition to your underwater world. This incredible fish is colorful and beautiful, and lives an active and peaceful life. Easy enough to care for so that even a beginner can do so, this wonderful fish is certain to become a centerpiece of your aquarium.

Features: Active yet peaceful; colorful
Includes: 1 Fish
Experience Level: Intermediate
Color: Multiple colors
Size: 8 in

Feeding Instructions:
Diet: Flake, Frozen, Freeze-Dried

Lifespan: 5-8 years

Water Temperature: 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit
Swimming Level: Medium
Tank Set-Up: 29+ Gallons, Moderately Planted

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Great for intermediate Aquarists.

Australian Rainbowfish
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