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Grreat Choice® Aspen Wood Shavings Pet Bedding

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$ 12.99
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Your precious pets will play and rest in comfort and safety when you fill their cage with Grreat Choice Aspen Bedding. Made from all-natural aspen shavings, this bedding creates a healthy home for all types of animals to nest and burrow. No aromatic oils are added to the bedding, ensuring a neutral scent that won't make your home smell like a pet cage. Made exclusively for PetSmart.
  • For all types of caged pets
  • Provides a soft, safe material for nesting and burrowing
  • Contains no aromatic oils for a neutral scent
  • All-natural aspen shavings are healthy for your pet
  • Compact packaging expands to provide an ample supply of bedding 

1. Always replace bedding with fresh product.
2. Frequency of cage cleaning depends on the size of your pet's home and number of animals.
3. At least once per week, remove all bedding and wash enclosure with a mild soap solution; rinse cage thoroughly with clean water to ensure the removal of soap residue.

Available in 500-cu. in. (expands to 1,200 cu. in.) and 1,000-cu. in. (expands to 2,500 cu. in.) packages

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including wood dust, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to  

Grreat Choice® Aspen Wood Shavings Pet Bedding
12.99 New Available
Grreat Choice® Aspen Wood Shavings Pet Bedding
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