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carefresh® Complete Ultra™ Small Pet Bedding

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$ 19.99
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Carefresh Complete White Bedding is made from scratch to provide the very best living space for your small pet. The super soft bedding absorbs moisture and odour quickly and makes it easy for your small pet to maintain a comfortable burrow or nest.


  • Clean, white comfort for your small pet's living space
  • 10-Day odour control - proprietary Odour Stop formula suppresses ammonia odours
  • 3X more absorbent than shavings for a better living space
  • Unique reclaimed paper and manufacturing process ensures bedding is virtually dust-free
  • No harmful dyes or chemicals

    Includes: 1 Bag
    Intended Pet(s): Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice, Rats and more
    Material(s): Natural White Paper Fibres
    Color: White
    Product Weight: 12.5 L (Expands to 23 L)
    Instructions: Place 1-3 inches of bedding in your pet's home depending on the number and type of pets housed. Change bedding weekly or asneeded. Remove damp spots or soiled areas between changes and replace with fresh bedding.

    Caution: As with any substrate, there is a potential risk of impaction of your pet ingests a significant amount of bedding. Observe your pet and seek veterinary care if you suspect impaction of the GI tract.

  • carefresh® Complete Ultra™ Small Pet Bedding
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    carefresh® Complete Ultra™ Small Pet Bedding
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    carefresh® Complete Ultra™ Small Pet Bedding
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