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All About: Rabbit Food Pellets

Pellets are a staple in your bunny’s diet


Balance your rabbit’s diet

Rabbits should mostly live on hay, a great source of energy and fiber. But there are a few important nutrients that hay doesn’t provide. Enter the mighty pellet, which has the healthy fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals to round out your bunny’s diet.

For fun and variety, you can also feed your bunny the occasional rabbit treat. Just keep treats to a minimum — they’re so tasty, rabbits may start to turn up their wiggly little noses at their usual food, which means they won’t get all of the nutrients they need.

To make sure your bunny has a balanced diet, remember this formula:

About 75% of your rabbit’s diet should be hay.

About 20% of your rabbit’s diet should be pellets.

About 5% of your rabbit’s diet can be treats.

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