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How to Tell if Your Snake is Healthy

Signs your slithery pet is doing well — or needs a vet


Snake wellness

If you’ve provided a stress-free environment, regular food and water and the correct habitat temperature and humidity for your snake, congratulations — you’re an excellent snake parent!

How can you tell if your pet is healthy? Check for these signs:

  • Displays consistent behavior
  • Has clear, alert eyes (maybe not during shedding, but that’s OK)
  • Has a body that’s in good condition
  • Sheds regularly. (Growing snakes shed more often)
  • Eats and drinks normally
  • Makes a well-formed dropping two to three days after being fed

Call a vet if:

  • Your snake’s behavior changes suddenly
  • Your snake eats or drinks less, or is losing weight
  • There is discharge from your snake’s nose or mouth
  • Your snake has trouble shedding, or there are bits of old skin remaining after the rest of the skin has shed
  • Your snake’s droppings are runny or have red in them
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