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Tips When Boarding Your Dog

A little advance planning will help soothe separation anxiety


The overnight stay

It’s never easy to send your dog to a kennel for the first time. But not to worry, boarding will eventually become much easier for your pup and for you.

Check with your vet. The kennel may ask for a health certificate verifying that your dog is up-to-date on all their vaccinations. Contact your vet as early as possible, just in case your pet needs any boosters.

Keep life normal. Don’t make any big changes to your dog’s home routine just before boarding.

Do a trial run. To minimize stress, it’s best to introduce your dog to the overnight-stay concept one step at a time. If you can, tour the boarding facility with your dog a few days beforehand, so the place is not entirely unfamiliar. If your dog will be boarding for more than just a night or two, it is also nice to book a “rehearsal” overnight before the longer stay.

Fill out the paperwork. Make sure the facility knows how to reach you in an emergency. And if there’s anything you think they should know about your precious pup’s quirks, behavior, eating habits or other details — make sure to tell them.

PetSmart PetsHotel offers overnight boarding with 24/7 supervision. For information, please visit the PetsHotel page.