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PetSmart Dog Training Class is In Session!


With every dog comes dog training. Whether you’ve adopted a new puppy who has a lot to learn, or you have a dog that just needs training in a few different areas, PetSmart dog training classes are here to help. Training classes for dogs have a ton of different benefits and give your dog knowledge that will last their entire lives. So, what are the benefits of PetSmart dog training classes and what types of training do we offer? 


What Are The Benefits Of The Dog Training Class? 


Keeps Your Dog Safe


Your dog’s health and safety are always the number one priority. Making sure your dog is well-trained is an important part of their safety. Your pup needs to listen to you in every situation so that they avoid danger. This is true for situations like walks, where your dog might need to stay close by or teaching your dog a recall cue so that they always come to you when they need to. PetSmart dog training classes can help instill those important lessons in your pup for their safety. 


Builds Your Bond 


Training with your dog is a great way to build a bond and bring you closer together. Your dog loves you and gets excited when you are proud of them. Positive reinforcement and training classes both build a lasting relationship of trust between you and your dog. 


Socializes Your Pup


PetSmart dog training classes are also a great way to make sure your pup is learning everything they need to with plenty of distractions like friends, noises, and other dogs all around them. This strengthens their understanding of a cue so that no matter where they are, they know what you need from them. 


What Type of Training Is Offered? 


  • StartSmart™ Training Workshop - This is a 1-hour,  hands-on experience for pups 10 weeks and older that gives you a head start on potty training, crate training, socialization & tips on visiting the vet or groomer.


  • Puppy Training - This is a 6-week introductory class for pups 10 weeks to 5 months old that teaches you how to communicate with your puppy. This training class focuses on basic skills like the recall cue and loose leash walking while also focusing on socialization and preventing common undesirable behaviours. 


  • Beginner Training - This is a 6-week dog training class for dogs at least 5 months in age with no previous training. This introductory class teaches basic manners with impulse control and relationship-building exercises while also focusing on redirection technique (Redirection simply means taking their attention away from whatever they're focused on and bringing it back to you.), leash walking and other important things. 


  • Stress Less™ Training - This 3-week program is for dogs 10 weeks and older who have anxious behaviours or behaviours related to separation anxiety. This class teaches pet parents ways to comfort their dog and get tips to help them feel more confident and secure. It is important to consult with a veterinarian if your dog is showing anxious behaviour. 


  • Intermediate Training - This 6-week class helps dogs, who already know their basic cues, achieve the same results in situations involving more distance, duration and distractions. Dogs will also learn new cues like heel, place and more. In order to participate in this course, your pup must already have participated in the puppy or beginner classes. 


  • Brain Games™ Training - This training is a fun, challenging class for dogs of all ages. This class provides physical and mental stimulation that helps improve communication and lessens hyperactivity while building a stronger bond between you and your pup. 


  • Advanced Training - This 6-week class is meant to strengthen your dog’s behaviours to provide faster and more consistent responses that improve reliability. In order to participate in this course, pups must have already completed the intermediate training course. 


  • Therapy Dog Training - This 6-week class is designed to help pet parents and their pets learn and apply skills that are needed to take a therapy dog evaluation. In order to take this course, your pup must have already completed the advanced training course.


  • Trick Training - This PetSmart dog training class is lighthearted and fun. It gives your pup a chance to learn playful tricks over the course of 6 weeks using positive reinforcement. This class can improve communication with your dog while building a bond of trust. In order to participate in this class, your pup must have already completed the puppy or beginner class. 


  • Private Training - Does your dog need one-on-one training? This technique allows just you, your dog, and an accredited trainer to work and address problem behaviours as well as teach new skills and tricks. 


  • Virtual Dog Training - This 30-minute training comes in both single session and multiple session packages where your pup receives one-on-one training, with an accredited trainer, online and in the comfort of your own home. These sessions focus on multiple cues while working on them in different environments with a variety of distractions. This class is customizable for you and your dog's needs and can include designated time for working on unwanted behaviors.


PetSmart dog training classes are ideal for all ages, breeds and needs to promote learning and development in your pup. Sign up today to teach your dog how to stay safe, learn how to communicate and be well-mannered while building a stronger bond between the two of you. 


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Information in this article is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure your pet and is not a substitute for veterinary care provided by a licensed veterinarian. For any medical or health-related advice concerning the care and treatment of your pet, contact your veterinarian.