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Should I Adopt a Cat?

Fostering or providing a forever home for a homeless kitty


Why consider cat adoption?

Unfortunately, some people allow their un-spayed or unneutered cats to breed without making a plan for any resulting kittens. If you’re yearning for a kitty companion, adoption is an excellent choice. This is where you can come in, welcoming a shelter animal into a loving home.

Some people think shelter cats wound up there because they have behavior problems. In fact, there’s not a lot of proof of that. Most shelter animals are making the best of a tough break—some of them were rescued from living on their own or wandered off from their homes--and they’re ready to love and be loved by a human family.

But I want a purebred cat!

You can adopt one! Nearly a third of cats in animal shelters are purebred, and some rescue organizations even specialize in particular breeds.

But it’s also important to ask yourself: Am I absolutely set on a certain look, or is the perfect kitty personality what matters most?

Not only can mixed-breed cats be just as beautiful as purebreds, but they also have more diverse genes. That means they tend to inherit fewer diseases caused by inbreeding. You may even find that a combination of breeds is what makes your new feline friend unique.

How do I get started?

For more information, visit our adoption page. You’ll find information about animal adoption and can search a database of cats in need of homes. You can also adopt locally by contacting pet rescue shelters, animal welfare agencies, foster networks or animal-control facilities. All of these groups work to connect adoptable cats with people ready to provide homes.