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Jackson Galaxy® Air Prey Wand Teaser Cat Toy

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$ 14.39 $ 17.99
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Cats who are attracted to air prey will love this Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand. This amazing toy features a 30 inch retractable cord as well as a feather tail your cat will love chasing and swatting at. Encourage her natural hunting instincts and her preference for air prey, and provide the mental and physical stimulation she needs.

Features: Retractable cord, Adjustable telescoping length (32 in)
Includes: 1 Air Prey Wand
Intended For: Cats
Activity: Hunt & Stalk, Swat & Pounce
Color: Assorted colors (Color may vary from photograph)
Size: 8.75 in
Instructions: Extend the telescoping portion to your desired length. Pull the retractable cord from the end, pushing the button to retract. Wave the toy to simulate the hunt for airborne targets.

Jackson Galaxy® Air Prey Wand Teaser Cat Toy
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