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Petlinks® Twinkle Star™ Cat Toy

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$ 10.99
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The Petlinks Twinkle Star Electronic Nighttime Light Toy will stimulate your cat to hunt and chase the blinking lights, especially fun for nighttime play. The quick changes produced by the lights set your cat's prey instincts on alert, and she'll happily chase and capture the ball over and over. An aid to her need to exercise, the Twinkle Star promotes physical activity and good health. Only at PetSmart.

Features: Stimulating nighttime toy for solo play or while interacting with pet parents.
Includes: 1 Twinkle Star Electronic Nighttime Light Toy
Intended For: Cats
Activity: Hunt & Stalk
Color: Blue
Size: 4"D

Caution: For pets only. Contains small parts and batteries. Keep out of reach of children. Pets should be supervised when playing with this toy. Immediately remove toy from pet if any part becomes loose or detached. Store out of pet's reach when not in use. Remove all packaging and dispose of properly. Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc), and/or rechargeable batteries of different chemistries (NiCd, NiMH, Lithium, etc.). Ensure the batteries are placed in the correct polarity [+/-]. Exhausted batteries are to be removed from product.

Petlinks® Twinkle Star™ Cat Toy
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